Which? – Product Summary update

How might we:

Improve the overall narrative of the page, help users easily navigate our content and better inform the benefits of  Which? membership.


  • Making the summary clearer and more scannable will enable “Advice Seekers” to find quick answers
  • Surfacing full technical specs and adding comparison will help “Considered Researchers” to narrow down and make shortlists
  • Making the paywall more contextual to user’s needs and better demonstrating the Which? Difference will lead to  increased sign ups/conversions

This will be measured against product team OKRs using quantitive (GA data) and qualitative (usertesting.com) data.

About Which? users

For this journey we identified 2 user types, these were both represented in the user testing and the final solution would have to cater for both set of needs.

  • Advice Seeker: Looking for buying advice and expert opinion, likely to be first purchase or not have much prior knowledge
  • Considered Researcher: Detail oriented, confident in what they want and like to make their own choices by filtering/comparing features

Competitor research

Looking at other product review sites to collect the types of information that is available to users for free. This was then mapped to our Value Proposition to create a new page hierarchy that offered the maximum value to a user.

Mobile design

Invision preview links: Wireframe (Mobile) | Final mobile prototype

Desktop design

Annotated version (with rationale) here


After positive response to the new page from internal stakeholders the design was rolled out across the entire site.

  • The month the new review went live saw the highest conversion rate in over year (increase of 11%)
  • Interaction with the page improved and there was increased click throughs to other pages.
  • Due to the refactoring the page is quicker to load and has a much better accessibility rating.

Phase 2: Logged in journey

Designs were started on this page for members- much of the themes and insight were similar between both so the new page is based small optimisations to align the experiences. More user testing and insight is planned, specifically with existing and new members (who joined in the last month)

The additional areas to improve for this page:

  • Improve navigation by making tabs clearer
  • Highlight Which? member only content (Expert review, Test Results)