Which? – test score scale

Hypothesis: Instead of hiding our scores, we should show new users a range so they will have a better understanding of what a Which? score means.

Solution: Create a Test lab scale to show range of scores and where the product sits within that range

Insight (from evaluative testing Oct 18)

Users didn’t know what percentage score was good and how the scores compare to the category average


  1. Showing where a product sits within a range of test results will increase confidence in the score
  2. Showing the test results range for a product will make Which? offering clearer


  1. Product types within a category might have different score ranges
  2. If scores are low people will think we haven’t reviewed everything”

Value to customer: Gives users confidence that the scores are helpful as a way to make a decision


Visual design – concepts


Final design

Live preview link: https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/laptops/lenovo-yoga-s730

Next steps


Create test plans for adding this scale on other page types and MVT for placement on current page

Hypothesis: If we add this scale to other parts of the site, it can help users understand more about than just score eg What a Best Buy or Don’t Buy is

This scale will now be tested on Advice pages with further explanation of the badges (not a direct conversion tool)

Refinement (design iterations)

Based on quantitive insights we know some users are clicking the badges instead of the CTA, there fore:
Should this graph be interactive? Should this click through to products? In design the concept was simplified, but should we still explore:
Whether to show the range of Best Buy and Donn’t Buy score Average prices Whether animation increase the usage?